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Business Engineering program places a strong emphasis on the unique combination of Business and Engineering knowledge. It has been obtained accreditation by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and the professional body, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), United Kingdom (UK). In order for the students in this program to experience the German industry and culture, Professors from HsRT will be part of the teaching team in UMP and German Language class will be available every day for students. This programme assimilates the knowledge of Business and Engineering allowing graduates to gain a competitive edge in technically oriented business positions. Therefore, the graduates will be leaders in business engineering through the integration of business engineering knowledge and skills in innovating business practices and expected to be the champion in the area of logistics, supply chain, and production.
* The programme is not subject to Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) accreditation.

Entry Requirements

General University Requirements

Bachelor of Business Engineering with Honours
  • Passed the Malaysian Education Certificate (SPM)/ Equivalent with credit (Grade C) in Bahasa Melayu/ Bahasa Malaysia or credit in Bahasa Melayu/ Bahasa Malaysia July Paper and passed (Grade E) the History subject.
  • Obtained at least Level 2 (Band 2) in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET) for Malaysian or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 5.5 for international student or equivalent.
  • Candidates are not colour blind and physically handicapped that can impair practical work.

Programme Requirements

A Level
  • Passed A-Level Examination with at least level 9.
  • Obtained at least Grade C (3 Marks) in Mathematics subject at A-Levels.

Program Structure

Compulsory Courses

Year 1 Semester 1
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Law
  • Accounting I - Financial Accounting
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Technical Mathematics
  • Deutsche Sprache I
  • Islamic and Asian Civilizations
  • Soft Skills I
  • CoQ – I

Elective Courses

Business Electives
  • Supply Chain Control & Management Control Systems
  • Lean Management
  • Simulation Game
  • Technical Planning Case
  • Production Accounting & Control
  • Advanced Project Management & Control
  • Innovation & Technology Management
  • HR Management
  • International Business Environmen

Accredited by CILT (UK)


Business Engineering program under the Faculty of Industrial Management has successfully been accredited by CILT (UK) on October 17, 2018. It will be a great deal for our students as they will benefit greatly from it, particularly by having a strong support by CILT (UK) as a career partner for their professional lives.

The Bachelor of Business Engineering with Honours is under the Faculty of Industrial Management, as a part of Universiti Malaysia Pahang, which was established in year 2014 with its vision to nurture future innovation leaders through applying business and technological knowledge. Business engineers are indeed in high demand where they are placed in procurement, after-sales, production planning, production logistics, quality management and strategy departments. Their technical capabilities and business understanding enable them to cover a wide range of tasks. Thus, it was a significant decision to have CILT (UK) to support the development of its members’ careers through networking by offering events, connections and industry insights, knowledge by accessing exclusive industry intelligence, career through personal advice and information, and professional development through workshops and training courses.

With strong support by CILT (UK), they shall gain much more than just a certificate not only with the right skills, local and international experience, but also producing highly versatile graduates in adapting the global business and production environment, ready for the job market.


Enrolling the double degree program of ESB Business School, and spending the last half of my undergraduate studies at UMP in Malaysia, a country which I have never been before and knew little about, was not an easy decision; but a decision I would always want to repeat. Being exposed to a wide variety of cultural influences in a wonderful, beautiful country as well as learning and living at FIM has afforded me with invaluable life lessons and skills I would not want to miss. The Business Engineering program at FIM initially started in Germany and has been facilitated in line with hands-on, practical styles, which have been the reason for me to study in the program. Being relatively new, I am so grateful with the opportunity to pioneer the program and proud to have completed it – it was not always easy, but the experiences are absolutely precious to me.

The double degree program at UMP is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge about various aspects in business, supply chain management, logistics and engineering. Thanks to the highly qualified and competent, world-class lecturers, the classes have always been interactive and exciting. Through its cutting edge infrastructures and equipment like the learning factory, we could practice planning for a production line or going through real-world scenarios in preparation for our future professions. All in all, I can say that I have grown as a person, improved my professional skills and learned a lot about a completely new and different culture during my two-year stay in Malaysia! Terima kasih, UMP!

Business Engineering has empowered me to be bold in endeavouring the challenge that awaits me. The 2-year program in Malaysia has prepared me with the necessary business skills, and the other two years to explore the intra and extra dimensions of logistics in Germany. It has provided me with up close experience of another culture. The experience has made me more independent, strong-willed and most importantly, in improving myself for the better.

Business Engineering program is a platform for students to extend their intercultural experience, build professional skills, and learn to live independently. In this program, you have the chance to meet and mix with other international students and therefore, able to expand your network around the globe. During the journey, you will be studying and living in a different environment, particularly in culture and language. If you are a person who is willing to learn new things every day, enjoy the freedom and prepare to live outside of your comfort zone, then, this program is for you.


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